Leslie H. Wexner’s Complex Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Revealed in Unsealed Documents.

Explore the intricate ties between billionaire Leslie H. Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein revealed in unsealed documents, shedding light on their complex relationship.

Leslie H. Wexner’s Complex Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Revealed in Unsealed Documents.

In a recent court order, a list of names associated with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein was released, shedding light on the deep ties between Epstein and New Albany billionaire Leslie H. Wexner. Founder of L Brands, a retail empire that once included iconic brands like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, Wexner had a longstanding professional relationship with Epstein, who served as a financial adviser and business partner.

The unsealed documents, stemming from a 2015 civil lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre, accused Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell of orchestrating her sexual involvement with prominent men. The case was settled in 2017, and last month, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of the list of Epstein’s associates.

Wexner’s name appears on this list, along with several mentions in the released documents. However, it’s crucial to note that neither Wexner nor any other individuals listed have been charged with any crimes. Their inclusion suggests possible associations as witnesses, victims, plaintiffs, or individuals with business or social contacts with Epstein and Maxwell.

The released depositions include inquiries about Wexner, such as Maxwell being questioned about providing a woman with a sexually suggestive outfit for Wexner, to which she responded with a categorical denial. Another witness was asked about meeting Wexner, as well as other prominent figures like former Vice President Al Gore and actor Kevin Spacey, with a clear denial regarding Wexner.

The Epstein-Wexner business ties date back to the mid-1980s, involving Epstein holding power of attorney and broad authority to act on Wexner’s behalf. Their collaboration included roles in The New Albany Company development firm, with Epstein identified as president alongside Wexner in 1998.

Despite their longstanding association, by 2007, as allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Epstein, Wexner distanced himself. In a 2019 letter, Wexner accused Epstein of stealing tens of millions of dollars from the Wexner family and announced their severed ties. Notably, Wexner claimed ignorance of the illegal activities for which Epstein was later charged.

An interesting revelation surrounds a Manhattan residence jointly purchased by Wexner and Epstein in 1989. Wexner eventually transferred his interest to Epstein for $20 million in 1998. As the allegations against Epstein unfolded in 2007, it was decided that he should step back from managing the Wexner family’s finances.

In December 2007, Abigail Wexner, Leslie’s wife, established the YLK Charitable Fund, which received a substantial $47 million donation from Epstein. Leslie Wexner later alleged that this donation constituted funds stolen from the Wexner’s. Despite this shocking revelation, Wexner expressed immediate action in severing ties with Epstein, recovering some of the misappropriated funds.

This recent disclosure offers a glimpse into the intricate ties between Epstein and Leslie H. Wexner, unraveling a complex narrative of business partnerships, financial dealings, and severed connections amid allegations of financial impropriety and illegal activities.

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