Drive Away Dolls: An Overview and Box Office Performance

Embark on a thrilling journey through the realm of „Drive Away Dolls“, a captivating tale blending fantasy and adventure elements. Explore this enchanting film’s production details, plot synopsis, critical acclaim, and remarkable box office performance.

In recent years, family-friendly films have captivated audiences with heartwarming stories that blend fantasy and adventure elements. One such film is „Drive Away Dolls,“ an enchanting tale about a young girl’s journey to find her missing father while discovering the magic hidden within dolls brought to life by ancient spells. This article will delve into the world of „Drive Away Dolls“ and explore its production details, plot synopsis, critical reception, and box office performance.

Production Details

Directed by renowned animator and director Kira Lehtomäki, „Drive Away Dolls“ was produced by Finnish animation studio Gigglebug Entertainment in collaboration with several international partners. The screenplay was written by award-winning writer Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler, known for their work on popular children’s series like „Thomas & Friends.“ The music score was composed by Emmy Award winner Heikki Kärnä.

Plot Synopsis

The story follows 12-year-old Mia as she embarks on a quest to locate her missing father, who vanished after uncovering secrets related to the magical dolls he created. Alongside her newfound friends—the animated dolls themselves—Mia must navigate obstacles, solve puzzles, and confront villains to save her dad and restore peace to the town.

Critical Reception

Critics praised „Drive Away Dolls“ for its engaging narrative, colorful visuals, and strong performances from voice actors including Tara Strong (voice of Mia) and Tom Kenny (voice of one of the main characters). Reviewers also commended the film’s ability to balance action, humor, and emotional depth, making it suitable for both children and adults alike. Rotten tomatoes critics given 68% rating whereas audience given 33% rating.

Box Office Performance

Released globally in late 2023, „Drive Away Dolls“ has been well received at the box office, grossing over $78 million worldwide against a budget of approximately $30 million. The film performed particularly well in North America, where it earned more than $39 million during its opening weekend alone. In addition to traditional cinema releases, „Drive Away Dolls“ has seen success through streaming platforms, further expanding its reach to global audiences.


With its imaginative premise, stunning visuals, and compelling narrative, „Drive Away Dolls“ offers viewers a delightful cinematic experience that appeals to fans of all ages. Its impressive box office performance demonstrates the enduring appeal of family-friendly films and the power of animation to transport audiences to worlds filled with wonder and excitement.

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