A Slow Week in the NFL: Making Something Out of Nothing

This week in the NFL has been slow, but that doesn’t justify creating stories out of nothing. Recently, Twitter bots have picked up on a clip featuring Panthers’ chief administrative officer Nicole Tepper, the wife of Panthers owner David Tepper, making remarks in the draft room earlier this year.

Key Points:

  1. The Clip:
  • The clip itself is unremarkable and doesn’t justify the exaggerated headline from sites like Athlon Sports: “Fans in Disbelief Over Video of NFL Owner’s Wife Assisting with Draft Picks.”
  • It falsely claims that this is the “first time we’ve ever seen the owner’s wife helping make picks,” a blatant attempt at clickbait.
  1. Reality Check:
  • The video shows Nicole Tepper hardly saying anything significant.
  • The assertion that “many are questioning” her involvement is misleading; it refers to a few stray Twitter comments from uninformed fans.
  1. Family-Owned Teams:
  • Multi-billion-dollar football teams being run like family-owned businesses is common, except for the Packers.
  • Nicole Tepper is no less qualified than her husband, whose main qualification is his wealth.
  1. Involving Family Members:
  • NFL team owners can involve family members in operations. It’s crucial for continuity if the team is to remain in the family.
  • Example: Ralph Wilson’s family sold the Bills, and Pat Bowlen’s family sold the Broncos when they could no longer continue.
  1. Future Leadership:
  • If Nicole Tepper outlives her husband, she might run the team, similar to Georgia Frontiere with the Rams.
  • Frontiere successfully led the Rams, including overseeing the Greatest Show on Turf.
  1. Bigger Concerns:
  • More concerning than the owner’s spouse making comments is the owner’s micromanagement of the team.
  • For instance, David Tepper’s apparent forcing of Bryce Young on the front office and coaching staff.
  • Nicole Tepper’s preference for C.J. Stroud might indicate she could be a better decision-maker.
  1. Perspective on Criticism:
  • Critics of Nicole Tepper’s involvement expose their ignorance of NFL team operations.
  • Alternatively, they may pander to those who believe women shouldn’t be involved in football.


Anyone making a fuss over Nicole Tepper’s comments in the draft room is either unaware of how NFL teams operate or is leveraging the situation to appeal to those with outdated views on women’s roles in football. Involving family members in team decisions is a standard practice, and it’s essential for the continuity and future leadership of the team.

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