Vikings' Running Back Dilemma: Mattison's Struggles vs. Chandler's Potential 

By Babita Singh

 Fresh off a concussion, the Vikings face a crucial decision after Alexander Mattison's costly fumble against the Broncos.

Ty Chandler's standout performance, with 73 rushing yards and 37 receiving yards, prompts questions about his role as the starter.

Chandler's impact on the game is evident, averaging 6.0 yards per carry and making significant contributions to the offense.

Despite a limited sample size, Chandler's season stats, adjusted for a called-back touchdown, reveal impressive numbers and potential.

Mattison's struggles, including a fumble against the Broncos, highlight concerns about ball security and consistency.

The Vikings weigh the decision to give Chandler more playing time, questioning whether pass protection is the sole obstacle.

PFF stats indicate Chandler's pass blocking struggles, while Mattison boasts a more reliable track record in pass protection. The Vikings face a dilemma in balancing the strengths of both running backs.

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