Dak Prescott's NFL Redemption: Interceptions to Touchdown Triumph 


Dak Prescott transforms from interception struggles to potential touchdown leader, marking a historic NFL redemption. 

A year of setbacks turns into a season of triumph for Prescott, cutting turnovers in half. 

Prescott's resilience and determination shine as he pursues touchdown glory, nearing league leadership. 

Playmaking brilliance displayed in a Thanksgiving victory, throwing four touchdowns with zero interceptions. 

Dallas Cowboys, led by Prescott, eye NFC East clinch and a No. 2 seed in the playoffs. 

Humility amid statistical achievements - Prescott emphasizes teamwork over individual success.

The quarterback's journey from interception woes to potential touchdown crown captivates NFL fans .

As the regular season concludes, Prescott's remarkable story becomes a defining narrative in football history.